Every year thousands of walkers take part in challenges. This could be to raise money for charity or just for personal accomplishments.

There is plenty to choose from as well ranging from walking in your local environment to tackling multiple peaks in a short time-frame.

Here at Mountains not molehills we love a good challenge and every year set ourselves several challenges to complete.

Looking to set yourself a goal but don’t think you could manage multiple peaks? Country Walking Magazine run the ‘Walk 1,000 miles in a year’ challenge every year. This is perfect for anyone looking to get out and do a bit of walking but not tackle anything too big. Equating to 2 miles per day this is something that anyone can accomplish.

What are the benefits of completing a challenge

Completing a challenge has many benefits dependant on the individual. Take for example the Country Walking 1000 miles in a year challenge. By walking a little over two miles a day over a twelve month period you have completed the 1000 miles. A very doable challenge that gets the participant out regularly walking and improving their health. Also taking on a twelve month challenge will likely lead to the participant in continuing the activity once the challenge has been completed.

For people who already get out into the Mountains taking it one step further and attempting The National Three Peaks or The Welsh 3000s is a significant challenge to undertake. These types of challenges tend to be accompanied by the participants raising money for a variety of charity organisations.

Some of our favourite challenges

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