What we review at Mountains not Molehills

Our reviews cover anything related to outdoor hiking gear as well as camping equipment. Louise writes about food as a profession so we would be daft to not throw in some food & drink reviews too. We also review any of the hotels, hostels or camp sites we visit on our travels.

All of our reviews are our honest experience and when reviewing hiking gear we only test these in the Mountains. We believe this gives a true reflection of the product in its natural environment.

The weather conditions and any other relevant factors will always be included within any published review.

Hiking equipment reviews

We all love the feeling of buying that new bit of equipment. There is so much out there to choose from we will review new hiking gear on a fairly regular basis. Reviews of gear from big brands such as Montane, Rab, Mountain Equipment and many more will all be featured.

Obviously your Summer gear requirements will differ drastically from Winter so we have separate sections for them.

Food & Drink Reviews

Of course one of the best things after a day in the Mountains is grabbing the well earned beverage and something to eat. That’s why we regularly update our food and drink lists with the best places we’ve been. This will range from the best place to grab a pint after a hike to where does the best food.

Accommodation Reviews

Whether a hotel, hostel or camp site it’s always beneficial to know the best places to get your head down for the night. We review the places we have visited on our travels.

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