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Whether you live in England, Scotland or Wales you will never be far from some fantastic hiking routes.

And we don’t just mean the big hitters that you will find on the three peaks challenge. Don’t get us wrong we all love a hike up Helvellyn, Ben Nevis and Snowdon but there are plenty of others around. You might just be surprised what is on your doorstep.

“Hike more, worry less”

One of our favourite quotes is by an unknown author who stated “Hike more, worry less” and we couldn’t agree more.

For us whether you are hiking or walking – the outdoors will always have a significant part to play in a positive mind set. Studies have proven that spending time in the outdoors can reduce anxiety, stress and the risk of depression.

The beauty of hiking is you can sling on a day pack for a day trip, or load a larger pack and head out for several days at a time. And absolutely anyone can do it.

Helvellyn in The Lake District

What basic equipment do I need to hike?

Anyone who has ventured up a mountain at some point will no doubt have witnessed individuals who appear to lack any basic equipment. Just last year we witnessed several young lads walking up Helvellyn in shorts and sandals. It was November, late in the day and the conditions were not great.

Of course full equipment lists will differ from Winter to Summer but some essentials throughout the year would be:

  • Properly worn in hiking boots/shoes (depending on the terrain)
  • A suitable backpack in good condition
  • First Aid kit
  • Plenty of water/hydration fluids and food supplies
  • Additional layers of clothing
  • A knife or multitool kit
  • Navigation tool such as a GPS, map or compass
  • A head-torch
  • Emergency blanket

So grab your pack and head out into the Mountains or simply go for a walk in your local park it can do wonders for your mental health.

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