Ramble in the Rockies – Day Two: Fernie

Ramble in the Rockies – Day Two: Fernie

Fernie Brewing Co

The next morning was breakfast as we discussed our first day. Then it was goodbye to Calgary as we headed to our first destination in Fernie. After two hours we arrived at Head-smashed-in Buffalo jump. A world heritage site that provides a great insight into what life was like for the Indigenous tribes who lived there.

Back on the road we continued toward Fernie where we had arranged a tour of Fernie Brewing Co to sample their best beers.

Red Tree Lodge in Fernie

I actually missed this activity as I wasn’t feeling too clever which might have had something to do with the day of drinking the day before. The group really enjoyed it though by all accounts, there were some weird and wonderful beers on offer.

Our accommodation for the next two evenings would be The Red Tree Lodge. In the evening three of us headed out to the local pub aptly named ‘The Pub Bar & Grill’. We spent the next few hours playing pool with the locals and having a few beers. After last orders we headed back to the lodge and got our heads down ready for the next day.

Rafting on the Elk River in Fernie

In the morning we rose and got ready for some White Water Rafting on the Elk River. Our initial itinerary had been for kayaking, however, this got changed due to weather conditions.

After we arrived we got a briefing from our guides and then got our gear on and got in the van. A short ride later and we were on the edge of the river all ready to go. The group was split into two rafts and we set off. The guide had already explained this was a gentle rafting trip so nothing serious.

A short time in and our guide mentioned this was a good point if anyone wanted to jump in. I jumped at the chance. Floating down the river in freezing cold water was amazing even if it was only for a few minutes. We stopped on the rivers edge for a quick snack and continued towards the pick-up point.

The Elk River in Fernie

An afternoon in Fernie

The trip itinerary had us for an afternoon to explore Fernie. Dropping us back at the lodge our guide Steve told us he wouldn’t be around in the late afternoon. He planned to do a short hike he had fancied for awhile. He then made the mistake of saying we were welcome to join, probably half expecting us to not take him up on it. We all did.

It was lunch time and he planned to leave about 4pm. A couple of the group went shopping, the rest of us went back to the pub for lunch and some pool before the hike.

After we had eaten some food and had a couple of pints it was time to head back to the hotel and head off on the hike.

Fairy Creek Falls

We arrived at the information centre at Fairy Creek Falls with the idea of hiking up to a waterfall, and then go further to a second. However Steve spoke with the centre who advised not to attempt the second one if we didn’t know the area. The hike was nice and easy and was approximately 4km (return trip). The route follows Fairy Creek and takes you to a stunning waterfall.

Whilst the hike didn’t give us any indication of peoples fitness levels it did give us the opportunity to continue to get to know everyone better.

Waterfall at Fairy Creek Falls

There is plenty more to explore in Fernie too. Wild swimming in a glacial lake, take off for a quiet alpine hike or explore some local mountain bike trails.

In the morning we would be setting off for a 2-hour drive to Lussier Hot Springs. From there we would be continuing on the road heading to our next destination Golden.


  • Mike Richardson

    Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

Mike Richardson

Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

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