Astley via Bridgewater Canal circular walk

Astley via Bridgewater Canal circular walk


3 hours


Where does this walk start?

Our Astley circular walk via the Bridgewater Canal is perfect for a weekend walk. We started out walking through Worsley Golf Course from Chatsworth Road. The path through the golf course is now tarmac but gets very muddy and wet following any bad weather. The golf course path leads through to Monton, which is not a bad place to stop for some breakfast.

Why choose this route?

This route is perfect for anyone who wants to get out for a few hours but doesn’t want anything too challenging. The walk is almost completely flat and comprises mainly of canal footpaths and the Worsley Loop Line. There is some road walking through Astley before you hit the guided bus route.

The walk depending on your own fitness will take between 2.5 and 4 hours and has several opportunities to stop for refreshments. Monton for example has several good eateries when looking for a breakfast early on in the walk, 6 Cut being one of our favourite spots. There are several other places though that all do good food to give you some energy for the walk.

What kit will I need?

This walk requires little to no walking kit – depending on the weather. We would always recommend walking in comfortable waterproof walking boots but other than that a small rucksack for any additional clothing such as waterproofs.

Route Description

We started the walk on Chatsworth Road which is just off Worsley Road close to the Co-Op. The route follows the golf course and is then mainly a mixture of canal tow-paths and the paved loopline.

Worsley Golf Course from the footpath

Golf course views

  • Head up Chatsworth Road, where it begins to bend go straight ahead up Haddon Road. This short road will lead you to a fork, ignore the path to the left, keep going straight and you will find yourself on a tarmac path leading through Worsley Golf Course.
  • Follow the path all the way through (10-15 mins) and you come out at Monton Roundabout. To your right hand side is Monton Unitarian Church.
  • Follow the main road across the green bridge ignoring the loopline access to your right hand side. Once across the bridge you will see the access to the Bridgewater Canal to your right, get on the canal and head towards Worsley Village.
  • In approximately 20-minutes you will reach Worsley Village where you can stop for a pint or something to eat at The Bridgewater. Other than that it is straight ahead following the canal round to the left where you will go underneath a low bridge (watch your head).
Monton Road at Sunrise

Heading towards Boothstown

  • This next stretch of the canal will take you towards Boothstown. After several minutes you will be able to see RHS Garden Bridgewater on your right. Continue on towards Boothstown.
  • Reaching Boothstown you will see the Marina and The Moorings pub on the opposite side of the canal. Again this is a good point to stop for a pint and some food if you fancy it.
  • Then it is onwards towards Astley keeping to the left side of the canal. Passing under several bridges this is another stretch of the canal that is approximately 3km in length.

Sunday lunch calling?

  • As you reach Astley you will see The Old Boat House, again this is on the opposite side of the canal. There is a bridge you need to go under and then take the immediate left down a stoney path which runs alongside the bridge. Once at the end of the path there is a pedestrian gate, and turn left and head back over the bridge itself.
  • The Old Boat House is now on your right hand side. If you haven’t already stopped for food and drink The Old Boat House does a great Sunday Lunch.
  • Continue along Higher Green Lane which leads to The East Lancs Road. Cross over and Astley Computers will be to your right on the corner. Keep heading straight over on the continuation of Higher Green Lane and you will soon reach the crossing on Manchester Road.
Approaching The Old Boat House in Astley

The guided bus route

  • Cross over and follow Coach Road turning right onto Church Road. Follow Church Road until you reach Hough Lane and you will see the guided bus route. Make a right here and head straight down.
  • The guided bus route runs all the way to Newearth Road. Cross over Newearth Road and head up onto Tyldsley Loopline.
  • Follow the Loopline until it merges with Roe Green Loopline. Continue in the same direction until you reach Greenleach Lane bridge. Walk through the short tunnel and approximately 100 yards on you will reach the old railway station. Just before there is a left turn which you take and then head straight ahead.

A well deserved drink

  • You then pass through an old metal gate and walk along Chatsworth Road past several houses and Spring Clough block of flats.
  • At this point you will have Fairmount Road to your left and Chatsworth Road continues ahead of you. Continue straight ahead and follow Chatsworth Road, in about five minutes you will have an alley way to your left. Take this left which will lead you to The White Horse car park where the walk ends with a well deserved refreshment.


  • Mike Richardson

    Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

Mike Richardson

Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

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