Worsley Woods via Boothstown moorings

Worsley Woods via Boothstown moorings



8.2 miles

Where is Worsley Woods?

Worsley Woods is located in Worsley, Greater Manchester which has many great walks. Commonly you will be walking through the very scenic Worsley Woods or via a canal route. It’s always good to combine the two.

Canal walks are a great way to get out for an hour or two, whether it is to clear your head or to keep up a bit of fitness.

Worsley is the starting point of the Bridgewater Canal which opened in 1761 to transport coal from Worsley to Manchester. As a result there are many great walks which allow for exercise away from the main roads.

Why this route?

This is one of my ‘go-to’ walks. That’s because it allows me to get a good walk in regardless of how much time I have. If I find myself needing to get back home for work, there are many variations along the route allowing me to do so.

Worsley Woods is always fun to walk through – especially for families or wildlife enthusiasts.

Due to the majority of this walk being along the canal or through the woods it is also really useful for dog walks, allowing for plenty of time off the lead.

What kit do I need?

Not much. All in all this is a good leisurely walk taking in some enjoyable scenery along the way. The majority of the walk is along paved footpaths, ensuring easy walking conditions underfoot.

The canal paths, however, can get particularly muddy after rain and extremely slippy in wintery conditions. Worsley Woods also gets extremely muddy in poor weather. Due to this a good pair of walking boots or wellies are advisable.

I generally walk in my boots or trainers during good weather and a pair of wellies in wet and cold weather.

Where do I start this Worsley Woods walk?

Starting out on Chatsworth Road, keeping left onto Haddon Road. Following the footpath through Worsley Golf Course will bring you to Monton. Although the tarmac path runs right through, it can get very muddy after heavy rain so again consideration of footwear is advisable.

Worsley Woods via Boothstown Marina
Canal walksWorsley Golf Course with Monton Unitarian Church in the background

At the end of the Golf Course, take a right at Monton Unitarian Church towards Stableford Avenue. Cross over here which brings you to the entrance to the ‘Roe Green Loopline.

Carry on past this entrance and over the bridge on Parrin Ln where you will see the Bridgewater Canal running below.

Take a right which leads you onto the ‘Bridgewater Way’ canal path and head towards Worsley Green. This stretch of the canal takes about 20 minutes before reaching Worsley. At weekend you will find the mobile ‘Nomad Coffee’ van on your left – always a good coffee here.

How do I get to Boothstown Marina from Worsley?

Head under the bridge that leads over to Worsley Green and follow the bend round and under the “Barton Rd’ bridge – this is a low bridge.

Following this stretch of canal for approximately 2.5 miles will bring you to Boothstown. This is a popular stretch of canal so make sure to keep an eye out for the multitude of joggers and cyclists as well as dogs.

As you near Boothstown you will see the Marina come into view, followed by The Moorings pub.

Cross over The Moorings Bridge which brings you to the pub. In non-lockdown times this would be a great spot to stop for a quick refreshment. In the summer months you will be lucky to get a table outside.

Worsley Woods via Boothstown Marina
Boothstown Marina

Which entrance do I use to enter Worsley Woods?

Follow the footpath down to the right and in front of the pub. This will bring you to the Marina. The route then runs back down the canal on the opposite side from which you came. This route has recently undergone a transformation and currently works are still being carried out. Arriving back in Worsley the path brings you into the Worsley Court House Car Park.

Exiting the car park, cross over towards Worsley Court House. Cross again to the entrance to Worsley Woods directly opposite.

Follow the path up the steps, reaching the second house on your right, taking a right at this house. Follow the path left and enter Worsley Woods. In Winter this bit is really muddy so again appropriate footwear needs thinking about.

Walk down the steps – these are steep at the top. Follow the timber walkway adjacent to ‘Worsley Brook’. At the end of the walkway there is a bit of fast moving water from the ‘Old Warke Dam’ above.

Worsley Woods via Boothstown Marina
Old Warke Dam

Where is The Old Warke Dam in Worsley Woods?

Ascending the first short flight of steps, take a right up the second set of steps to a footpath and then left at the top. This will lead to a timber seating area overlooking the Dam. Follow the path along and you will arrive at a ‘jetti’ which allows for good views and most likely various families and individuals feeding the ducks.

At the end of the dam there is a house in the middle of the woods. Here there is an option to go straight ahead or to take a right. Take the right and follow the path along the side of the house and straight ahead. You will arrive at a set of steps which drop down onto the Loopline.

At the bottom take a right and head down the Loopline. Greenleach Lane will be on your left side – follow it back towards Monton.

Is there a good pub at the end of the walk?

Further on towards Monton on the right there are a couple of paths which take you down to ‘Broadoak Park’ – an enjoyable little detour.

At the end of the loop line the path drops you down to the main road again with Stableford Avenue to your left. Cross back over Stableford Avenue, past the church again and back through the Golf Course.

The White Horse pub on Worsley Road is a great spot to finish the walk for a pint and something to eat. 

If you want to check out other canal walks in and around Worsley we have lot to choose from here


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    Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

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Mike Richardson

Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

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