Grit Stone Trail: Disley to Teggs Nose Country Park

Grit Stone Trail: Disley to Teggs Nose Country Park


6-7 hours


What is covered in this article

  1. What is the Grit Stone trail?
  2. Why choose this route?
  3. Travelling to Disley
  4. Facilities
  5. What kit will I need?
  6. How difficult is this route?
  7. Route description
  8. Where is good for food and drink?

What is the Grit Stone trail?

The Grit Stone Trail is a popular walking trail in Cheshire. Divided into three sections this first section follows the route from Disley to Teggs Nose Country Park. Travelling through Lyme Park and tackling some more challenging ridge walks expect stunning views throughout this walk.

Why choose this route?

Easily accessible via public transport the trail starts at Disley train station and delivers some of the finest hillwalking in the area. Not long after setting out the route brings you through Lyme Park, be sure to look out for the red deer who live in a protected area of the park.

From there the trail takes you along Sponds Hill which is the highest point on the trail at 410 m / 1345ft.

This route also leads you up a steep climb to White Nancy. A commemorative landmark built by the Gaskells in 1820 to mark the Battle of Waterloo.

With good weather you can also enjoy some fantastic views towards Kinder Scout.

Travelling to Disley

Disley is on the A6 about 7 miles southeast of Stockport. There is plenty of parking available next to the railway station. The train station is a little over 30 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly with no changes and is approximately 1hr 25 minutes on the train from Sheffield.


There are few facilities directly available along this route. There are public toilets as well as food and drink options at the car park in Lyme Park but other than that most places are about ten or fifteen minutes away. The next directly available toilet facilities are at Teggs Nose Country Park.

Facilities located in Lyme Park

Be sure to pack plenty of drink and snack options especially in warmer weather.

What kit will I need?

The route can be very muddy and slippery underfoot especially following bad weather so a good pair of walking boots are required. We suggest taking the following kit as standard:

  • Comfortable walking boots (ensure they have been worn in first)
  • A day pack for additional clothing and refreshments
  • First Aid kit
  • Good quality waterproof jacket & trousers (the weather can change dramatically even in the summer months)
  • Warm hat & gloves (weather dependent)
  • Any additional equipment you feel you require such as walking poles etc

How difficult is this route?

The Grit Stone Trail is a great walk with plenty of stunning scenery. Depending on your fitness levels and what particular route you take it is manageable within 6-7 hours. The route is also child friendly but obviously depending on their age and walking experience be sure to allow enough time to complete the walk safely. If you have a four-legged friend wanting to come along too they will love it.  

There are several steep ascents along the way but the route is really well sign posted using a combination of finger post and way marked paths. Be sure to pay attention to which way the signs are pointing you as although most paths are obvious there are several which are not so clear.

As with all walks be sure to know what the weather is doing. This walk will change dramatically and should not be undertaken in poor weather conditions.

Route Description

  • The route starts at Disley train station. Access to the trail is from the platform heading towards Manchester.
  • Head up the steps into the wood, taking a right onto Red Lane followed by a left onto Green Lane.
  • Follow Green Lane to the end and continue ahead across rough pasture . Take a right down a track which leads to a bridge, cross the bridge and continue ahead.

Lyme Park

  • Upon reaching the entrance to Lyme Park at East Lodge enter the park and follow the path. Passing the ‘Cage’ on your right and then past the Hall on the left and down into the car park.
Head up through the wood until you reach the road
  • Follow the waymarks up through the wood and along the path until you reach the road.
  • At the road make a right and head along Sponds Hill to Bakestonedale road.

A tricky middle section

  • Turn right onto the road, be sure to take care along this section and take a left after Brink Farm. Follow the track downhill to the bridge and cross over Harrop Brook. Head up the hill to Hedgerow.
  • Turn right and walk down the track to Spuley Lane. Turn left and go over the staggered cross roads into Oakenbank Lane.
  • As you reach the first left hand bend follow the footpath straight ahead, walk down the steps and along a stone wall. Turn right at the footpath junction, follow the path downhill to the road.

Take in a bit of history climbing up to White Nancy

  • Turn left onto the road and shortly after make a right and follow the track up towards White Nancy.
  • From White Nancy continue along Kerridge Hill and bear left down towards Tower Hill.
  • Turn left along the road and then right into Berristal Road. After approximately 60m, turn right up the footpath and follow the path over the ridge. Make a right followed by an immediate right again over the stile. Follow the path up to Buxton Road.
  • Turn left and cross the A537 with care and follow the path over the hill to Buxton Old Road. Make a right turn and then a left into Tegg’s Nose Country Park.

Where’s good for food & drink?

Once we had reached the cafe at Tegg’s Nose Country Park we decided to follow the road down into Macclesfield. We came across the Chilli Banana – a Thai restaurant on Buxton Road and decided we would give it a try. Louise had already heard of them (which is always a good sign) so we walked in and asked for a table for two.

Considering they had only just opened we thought we would manage a table easily. Although they did manage to accommodate us they had to do some moving around of tables which again says how popular this place must be.

Looking through the menu the only problem would be trying not to order everything. After a full day walking we were both ready to fill our bellies. They also offer a full Vegetarian menu.

We opted for a starter to share. Ordering the Nua Det Deow (rump steak strips) which are marinated with a red chilli and garlic dipping sauce (£7.95pp). We could have easily opted for the mixed starter selection (£7.95) or any of the other starter options.

Highly recommended from the main menu is the Goyteow Pad Kimow (Drunken noodles), soft noodles with chicken, pork or beef stir-fried with Thai broccoli, egg and chilli topped with crispy basil leaves (£13.95).


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Mike Richardson

Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

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