People feel better for longer after a break in nature says new research

People feel better for longer after a break in nature says new research

Rewild yourself by connecting to nature through camping

Cotswold Outdoor recognise the importance of people getting back into nature – or ‘rewilding’ themselves. This is why they have launched their new #ProjectRewild campaign to help humans restore themselves to their natural state.

Many of us are leading busy and stressful lives, meaning it is more important than ever that we take time to switch off. A great way to do this is through rewilding ourselves.

Restore your connection with the natural world

New research revealed that 88% of people think that it’s important to get outdoors, have adventures and restore their connection with the natural world. However, it’s also important that we’re doing this in a sustainable and respectful way to ensure that our favourite adventure spots last and that we pick the right kit that can see us through for years to come.

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the outdoors is through activities like camping and walking.

The research of 2,000 outdoor enthusiasts was carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Cotswold Outdoor. The results showed that a third of people (32%) enjoy camping because it brings them closer to nature.

It also makes them feel more in tune with the planet (15%), and allows them to see somewhere new (24%).

Half (50%) also said that walking reminds them how beautiful the outdoors can be, and over a quarter (26%) said that spending more time camping in natural surroundings reminds them of the importance of protecting it.

However, while 77% of people said that they enjoy camping, a quarter go camping less than once a year.

A further third of people (36%) go camping once or twice a year, with more than half (59%) saying they are a fair-weather camper and tend to only go in the sunnier months.

Improve your mental health by taking long walks

Yet it’s important for our wellbeing that we are getting regular doses of nature. Almost half of people (47%) say going for long walks improves their mental health and a third (33%) say they feel better for longer after having a break surrounded by it.

“People are really starting to understand all the benefits that nature can bring to us and the number of people looking to reconnect with the outdoors has exploded,” said Jose Finch, Managing Director of Cotswold Outdoor.

“Almost half (46%) wish they were more outdoorsy as it would give them a better connection with nature and 12% say rewilding is vitally important to achieve this.

“However, while there are many personal benefits to be had, it’s important that we are also doing all we can to protect these natural areas to ensure that we can continue to enjoy them and reap the benefits for years to come.

“Activities like camping and walking are a great way to immerse ourselves in the natural wonders that surround us and 86% of people are eager to explore more of the UK.

Spend quality time with friends and family

“These activities are not only perfect for exploring the beauty on our doorsteps but also have the added benefit of being a more economical way to spend quality time with friends and family and are a more sustainable alternative to driving or holidaying abroad.

“In fact, according to our research, 52% agree you can create longer lasting memories with camping trips than a regular beach holiday or city break.”

While the benefits of nature are apparent, sustainability is of concern. The research showed that while more than a fifth (22%) say that climate change and environmental impact have a significant impact on the planning of their holidays, a third (30%) don’t consider it at all.

Despite this, 91% agree it is everyone’s responsibility to look after our environment.

Protect the environment

That is why Cotswold Outdoor are not only encouraging people to think about taking a camping holiday but also think about the kit that they need, particularly as a quarter of people (26%) say that camping is something they love, but don’t do enough of and almost half (47%) said that it is something everyone should try at least once in their life.

“It’s important we’re doing all we can to protect the outdoors and there are some small things we can all be doing to help, from litter picking to trying to minimise our plastic consumption and investing in good quality kit,” said Jose.

“You don’t have to go for the most expensive pieces of kit but what is important is that you are investing in products that are suited to your needs.

“If you make sure they are right for you and they are of high quality, it means you don’t need to rebuy as often which isn’t only good for the planet, but your wallet too.

“Our in-store experts are always on hand to offer the best advice and we also have a wide range of services available, helping you prolong the life of your kit with our Repair and Care service or keeping it out of landfill with our Recycle My Gear scheme.

“Hopefully this research reminds people of the amazing experiences that can be had on our doorstep, while thinking more about what they can do to preserve the beauty of the outdoors.

“We’ve all got a part to play in preservation of the great green spaces in this country and spending quality time outdoors can really drive home its importance.”

Cotswold Outdoor are passionate about ensuring everyone makes the right choice and finds the best kit for lasting adventures. For more information and expert advice or to find out where your nearest Cotswold Outdoor store is, visit their website.


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