Blencathra via Sharp Edge: I could run up that!

Blencathra via Sharp Edge: I could run up that!


4 Hours

5 Miles

Is that it? I could run up that

Arriving early at Blencathra we pulled up in a lay-by opposite The White Horse pub and started to unpack our gear. Enjoying the quiet with either coffee or tea we looked up at the mountain – this was going to be a great day.

With new recruits since we had hiked Skiddaw we felt like a proper walking group. The mood was one of excitement to get going.

The silence was broken by one of the new recruits Adi loudly exclaiming “Is that it? I could run up that in less than half an hour”. Adi had been telling us about participating in ‘The Duke of Edinburgh Award’ so we were prepared for him to be setting the pace.

The only problem was it had been a few years since his exploits. Convinced he had already walked Blencathra he still had no idea where to access the start. Having done a little research regarding the starting point we were a little hesitant to just set off only to find out half an hour later we had gone the wrong way.

Hiking Blencathra

Getting started was a bit of an effort

As was becoming tradition getting started was a bit of an effort.

We crossed the style to the rear of the pub. You should probably be aware there is a path that will guide you up gently. We ignored this and went straight up which certainly got the heart rate up.

Minutes later Stu and Pete had gotten into a bit of a stride and Adi had stopped, I assumed to wait for me, I was wrong. As I reached him he muttered “I need a minute lads”. so much for ‘Mr I could run up that’.

With a brief rest we set off again. Alfred Wainwright was not wrong when describing one of his favourite fells in the Lake District. The views were stunning early on and would only get better.

Sharp Edge is a must for any hillwalker

This walk had a different feel to it than the previous two. I felt Latrigg and Skiddaw we had rushed to complete as quick as we could. Blencathra will not allow you to do that. We found ourselves stopping regularly to take in the scenery that was all around us.

We had all read a fair bit about Sharp Edge and were excited to take it on. It’s a scramble well worth taking on as well but needs care and attention and is more of a summer route.

After Helvellyn this is definitely my second favourite walk to do. There is also an argument that Sharp Edge is more of a challenge than Striding Edge but both are fantastic.

Hiking Blencathra

Bringing the stone age into the 20th century

As we reached the summit the clouds had closed in and vision was pretty poor – but we sat and got out our butties and flasks.

Adi in particular had been telling us how much he was looking forward to his tomato soup he had brought in his new flask. Opening his bag to realise he hadn’t secured the top properly and it had exploded all over the inside of his bag.

All four of us were looking forward to a pint or two. The White Horse which marks the start and finish of the walk was calling.

One thing you need to know about Pete is he lives in the stone age. He walks around with a phone from the late 80’s.

Lucky for him his girlfriend is a bit of a creative and loves a good photo. Very kindly she had leant him her digital camera which is similar to giving cave men matches. On our descent the clouds had parted to give a truly stunning photo opportunity.

Myself and Adi got out our mobile phones and started to snap away. Pete dumped his rucksack, got out the camera and in all honesty neither myself, Adi or Stu have the slightest idea what he proceeded to do for the next five minutes. By the time he had figured out how to turn the thing on the photo opportunity had well and truly gone.

Another enjoyable outing

As we approached the foot Adi must have been thirsty. Breaking into a run down towards the pub. It’s really not like him to get the first round in but we were quite happy taking our time and enjoying the final moments of what had been another hilarious outing in the Lake District.

Sat in The White Horse with a pint it was safe to say we had all enjoyed the walk and were keen to get out again soon.


  • Mike Richardson

    Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

Mike Richardson

Mike is a Mancunian who is usually found hiking the Mountains in the Lake District. He has a passion for the outdoors and loves a pint after a day in the Mountains.

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