Sleeping outdoors is an optimal way of feeling at one with nature

Sleeping outdoors is an optimal way of feeling at one with nature

Feel at one with nature

Summer is fast approaching and with it the opportunity for sleeping outdoors is much more appealing to many. Spending a few nights beneath the stars can do wonders for your mental health and re-energise you and you might be surprised to find out it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

Sally Bonser, spokesperson for Silentnight said: “Sleeping outdoors is an optimal way of feeling at one with nature. For example, listening to the sound of birds in the morning can be a relaxing and soothing way to start the day, whilst being amongst the fresh air can help you to feel more energised and can even strengthen your immune system.

“Time spent outdoors naturally means more time spent away from screens and harsh blue light, too. A weekend away camping will likely reduce the number of hours spent staring at a screen which can help prevent dry eye and even eye strain.

Enjoy home comforts in the great outdoors

Sally continued: “Many people may think that sleeping outdoors can be uncomfortable, cold or can lead to a restless night’s sleep, but there’s lots you can do to ensure you get the same home comforts outdoors.

Ensure you take a supportive air mattress or mat for a good base to sleep on, and if space in the car allows, there’s nothing to stop you from bringing your favourite pillow from home.

Small touches such as fairy lights, teddies and additional throws and cushions can help create a cosy environment, whilst a good quality sleeping bag will ensure your temperature is just right throughout the night.

Wake up naturally

“Being woken up by alarms can often make us feel startled and prevents us from waking up naturally. Camping is a great way of restoring the body’s internal clock, enabling you to wake up with natural light.

Temperature is a common cause of sleep disturbance, so it’s important that you invest in a sleeping bag to suit your climate for camping trips to ensure a good quality, undisturbed sleep.

“Silentnight’s camping collection consists of a range of products specially designed to enhance your sleep during camping trips.

The Self-Inflating Mattress offers a good level of support and irresistible comfort for a quality night’s sleep in the great outdoors. Silentnight’s Adult Sleeping Bag contains Softfill™ fibres to keep you feeling cosy and warm all night long.”


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